Firecracker Blue Knit Dress

I use to be scared of knit fabrics. The stretchy, flexible fabric always distorted on me that the frustration kept me from using the most awesomest sewing tool in the world… my serger. My serger sat unused for the longest time. I got it at a Bernina store going out of biz sale and a matching sewing table to go with it.

When I first used the serger, the blade moving fast plus the quickness of sewing fabric frightened me. I used it a couple times over the first few years and when I mean a couple times, I do mean two. Two times. Little did I know that the whizzy, quickness helps on two fronts: creating projects quickly and finishing seems fast. Like buttah on a hot biscuit. Yum.

But about this blue knit dress… Last year I saw various pinterest pins about creating your own knit shift dress from your favorite fitted t-shirt. With my new serge (he, he) of creativity for sewing and some flat fold table knit fabric. I was on a mission. I was going to know how to knit fabric.

Creating the dress pattern from one of my shirts was easy. Folding my favorite form fitted t-shirt in half vertically and placing it on some paper, I traced around the edges. I removed the t-shirt and straightened the sides plus used a french curve for the neckline. I then extended the bottom edge out to the desired length of my dress.

I’ve read that knit fabric should be able to rest for some minutes before cutting to relax to its un-stretched state. After my knit fabric relaxed I then laid it flat on my sewing cutting table and lined up the pattern on the fold and cut. I attempted this twice to get a back and front piece.

I lined up the shoulder seams which was my first bout with using the serger on knit.   When I did, the serger took the fabric quickly.   I then lined up the sides and that went quickly.   No need to finish my edges as sewing and edging is all in one. A light bulb went off… the dress was coming together so quickly. Ahhh-some.

The arm holes and neckline were next on the serger which I then turned under and sewed with a small zigzag stitch after serge-ing the edges.

For the bottom, I took out my manual to find other stitches this fab-u-oso machine can do.   I used the rolled hem stitch which was a great finish as the stitch gave the fabric end a curled or ruffled look.

The blue firework knit dress turned out perfect.  I wore it to the music concert the next weekend. It was the perfect storm for me that I was hooked to my serger. I attempted a couple more knit dresses which taught me that not all knits are the same nor does the perfect storm comes with every project.

However, now I know sewing knits is not so bad nor using a serger.   I think I prefer using knits and my serger.  So quick to create clothing. Like buttah….

Firework Blue Knit Dress

Firework Blue Knit Dress – (Instagram)

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  1. Knits have intimidated me also. But I just purchased a serger and after I get over the hurdle of threading it I hope to try knits again. Your dress looks great, well done!

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