French Plaid Wool Dress

What happens when your husband takes you to the fabric store for your birthday and tells you that you should get the fancy french fabric and dress pattern for your birthday? A new french plaid wool dress sewing project!

French Plaid Wool Dress

French Plaid Dress

Like I said, my husband helped pick out the Clara Dress Pattern By Sew Liberated and some lovely flannel, french plaid fabric from my local fabric store, Pacific Fabrics. Oh, the fabric is so soft and so beautiful. I could not wait to get started on this project (last December). We had my company’s holiday party coming and I definitely saw this fabric/pattern combo as the best holiday dress evah!

So I know plaid can be difficult. I have created a button down dress in a simpler plaid a few years ago. One method I did while attempting that earlier dress is to pin the fabric for cutting which kept the plaid inline while folded. This helps keep the plaid straight across the pattern pieces or when needing to cut two. A great technique that I used on this plaid dress too.

I bought a lot of this french fabric ahead of time just in case I needed to cut another piece and to align the stripes on each patterns edges.

In the end, the dress’s biggest pieces were easy to put together and I had a lot of fabric left. However, for the small pieces like the arms’ tying bow and the elastic waist were a b*tch. I was swearing up and down as I was on a tight deadline for the holiday party was approaching.

Luckily, I finished in an hour’s worth of time. So close for a sewing project I picked up in under a week’s time.

It’s funny how an exciting adventure has its ups and downs.

On to the next sewing project.

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