Curtains Dress

Curtains Dress

Curtains Dress

One day I went out for some errands and found myself in a middle of a huge rummage sale.   I think I was looking for kitchen drawer linings when saw the sign about the sale.  Today was the last day and everything was 50% off.

Lately, I’ve been disappointed going to any garage/yard/estate sale.  I wonder if most people donate or sell online.   But anyhoo…

In the midst of this huge rummage sale, I landed in the fabrics.   There were boxes and boxes of fabrics for only $1.50 for few yards.  I got a huge crap load of fabric and one of them was this beautiful green/teal with pink roses fabric.

Now all the fabric was wrapped up in bundles with tape around them, so all you knew was the yardage and the cost.   Well, when I unwrapped this lovely vintage fabric at home, it turned out to be a cut-off homemade curtain.   The fabric wasn’t all one piece either.

Front View

Strike a pose

So I washed the fabric and seamed ripped the two pieces apart as well as undid the hand stitched hem.   I measured out the sizing and went through my sewing books and patterns to find something that would work with the amount of material I had.

Side View

Over the shoulder

I ended up doing Dress R from Stylish Dress book.

I didn’t have enough fabric after I traced out the pattern in my size with the biggest piece of the fabric, but it was close.    To make it happened, I overlapped the two pieces so I had enough fabric for the back piece.

I found some other teal fabric I bought from a garage sale years ago.  Then went off and created the dress.

The dress turned out pretty lovely.   This was the first time I used this pattern from the book.   Since the fabric was a bit heavy weight, I would imagine using a lighter weight would be great for summer wear.  However, in the northwest, all our summer days are not warm.  So soon I shall wear my new dress.



Then something happened.   After I tried it on and took all my pictures, something flew out of my dressform.     A freaking huge, no, gigantic moth flew around my sewing room.   The moth was swirling in circles in an air attack formation.  Did I mention it was huge?

Luckily, my hubby came and saved the day to take it outside..

Man, it was freakin’ huge.  See it on my room curtain.  HUUUUGE! Bleh.

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